Taking Good Care of Your Hair

The Brass Ring Salon Hair TreatmentsYour hair, just like your body, needs nourishment and nurturing to help it stay healthy, strong, shiny and beautiful. It goes without saying that you need to eat a healthy diet (another discussion for another time), but you can also support your hair by using high-quality, nutritious products for your hair. Your stylist has several lines of products that will last longer than store-bought brands, and they won’t have a lot of harsh chemicals that can harm your hair that can lead to breakage. Gives us a call, to find out how to nourish and take good care of your hair!



Shampoo & Blow Dry Starting At $20
Shampoo, Cut & Style Starting At $35
Updos for Special Occasions Starting At $45
Deep Conditioning Treatment Starting At $10
Deep Conditioning with Massage Starting At $30
Hair Extensions By Consultation Only

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