Stylist of the Month May 2014

Terri 2 light fill

Terri Podraza is a “what you see is what you get” kind of girl and her clients Terri 4like that about her. Terri has lived in Kitsap County sice whe was in second grade and has worked here in the County since she was 16 years old.

She has been at The Brass Ring for over 10 of those years. Some of her clientele are the 3rd generation of the same family. She refers as these younger ones as her “kids” because she started as a stylist so young.

Terri and her husband, Darren, have been together for 28 years but only married for 11 come this July. Terri may be outgoing but she wouldn’t want to rush into anything! She and Darren enjoy camping and razor clam digging.

Inspiration to make her clients look good on the outside so they feel good in Terri 7the inside is what it’s all about for Terri. This has led her to another interest. She is now a representative for Omnitrition International Inc. and enjoys being involved in all facets of looking and feeling good.

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