Perms and Relaxing Hair

Perm Hair at The Brass Ring SalonThe options for perms these days are endless and beautiful for any hair style. We’re so lucky that perms don’t involve what grandma had to deal with in her day! Clean, beautiful curls, body, waves, texture and bounce can be yours for the asking! Talk to your stylist today at The Brass Ring Salon about a new perm. You will love the results!

Types of Perms to Choose

  • Spiral Perm
  • Windmill Perm
  • Wash ‘n’ Wear Perm
  • Cold Wave Perm
  • Partial Perm
  • Texture Perm
  • Body Wave Perm
  • Root Perm
  • Piggyback Perm
  • Loose Perm
  • Curly Perm


Permanent Wave Starting At $60
Spiral Perm Starting At $80
Relaxer Virgin Hair Starting At $120
Relaxer Touch Up Starting At $120

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